Ultra Strength Relief Patch 2 patches/bag

€ 4,50

Hydrogel patch with essential oils

Formulated to soothe and relax joints

Flexible fit for mobility and movement



Hydrogel, Angelica Pubescens M..b. Root, Phryma Ieptostachya L. Whole, Zingier officinale, Roscoe Root, Zanthoxylum bungeanum Maxim. Seed, Capsicumannuum, Fruit, Gaultheria, Procumbens Bark, Mentha Haplocalyx Briq. Leaf, Cinnamomum Camphora Sieb Bark.


Caution: External use only

Apply directly onto clean and dry skin.

Do not apply to open wounds or damaged skin.

Avoid eye contact and keep out of reach of children.

Not recommended for individuals with sensitive skin or pregnant women.

Store the product at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.